stand with power and move with love

My friend, Vanessa, shared this beautiful, powerful article earlier today, and I felt it was incredibly fitting for this Mother's Day weekend. The focus isn't necessarily on mothers or motherhood, but about celebrating each other as individual women - which is truly what Mother's Day should be about, right?

"...I realized that the best shot we have of women all over the globe coming into their own health may lie with the whole-hearted celebration of the women around us. If we are to get our loving arms across the land, we must first embrace ourselves and our daughters from a place of education and celebration. The potential for global women’s health rises exponentially if we raise girls who know and understand their own womanhood. Girls who embrace their most basic biology and their highest spiritual selves from a holistic perspective. Girls who are so familiar with womanhood that they will recognize it wherever they travel, regardless of the packaging. Girls who create healthy and meaningful friendships and partnerships with the men in their lives. These are girls who will grow to create a world where all women will have the luxury of celebrating each other."

Encouraging and supporting each other in the many facets of womanhood, and leaving a powerful legacy for the women of tomorrow is what I'll be celebrating this weekend. So, if I happen to bump into you (maybe at The Beehive Bazaar?), don't mind my goofy grin and the big kiss I'm going to plant on your cheek; I'm just glad to know you and have you in my life!

Happy image found on Pinterest, and quote taken from Jodilyn Owen's essay, A Song, a Baby, the Congo, and a Meeting.

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